Tempurpedic after 5 years

We have two Tempurpedic beds. For over a month, the one we purchased in 2008 has been making enough noise to wake us both up. We’ve moved the support feet around and that hasn’t really helped. If your super-comfortable bed is too loud to sleep in, then you start to get a bit ragey. I’m not a good sleeper to begin with so the bed screaming every time the better-half moves makes me crazy ragey.

As it turns out, the foundation piece (aka box spring) is made out of fairy dust and unicorn poop. That is, it isn’t made out of real stuff. The “wood” of the foundation is paper. The drunks who put it together missed several times with the staple gun and the screws are an amalgamation of someone’s disorganized garage. This is how I imagine the guys on the line putting together this piece, “Dude, just pick a screw, I don’t care which and while you are over there fetch me a beer.”

We’re about to make a trip to the hardware store to buy plywood to build our own foundation so we can sleep tonight. This isn’t exactly what I thought I’d be doing today.
The completely solid foundation we built gave us zero noises last night. Unless you consider human and cat snoring as noise.

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  1. miz avery says:

    Hey, I think those guys built my condo!

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