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Long Weekend

We arrived in NYC on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning we heard from our pet sitter, who had just brushed Lucy, and we have been replaced. She is a ho for a brushing. Lucy, not the pet sitter. We saw our … Continue reading

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Not missing this month

I’m not missing this month for posting. Ha! There will be at least one post in January. Actually, I already know there will be another one. Is the suspense killing you? This isn’t exactly January news, but we learned how … Continue reading

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Rounded Up

This year the content has been pretty light. What do you say about 2017 other than don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out? We saw some shows: We visited other places: The rest of the year? We … Continue reading

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Another update

We updated our guest upstairs bathroom recently and it is so much better. And it isn’t just about looks but also about functionality. The sink actually drains. The previous paint job was awful and the crappy vanity made this room … Continue reading

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Took a day off a week or so ago to paint our downstairs bathroom. Most of our space is beige and it was sucking at my soul. We’ve lived here for four years and aside from paying someone to paint … Continue reading

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I don’t know how long this embed code will last, but I’m putting this here because it is so darn good. It is by Matan Rochlitz and ran in the New York Times.

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Finally Fall

Even though the calendar has declared it to be fall, the temperatures have been well into the 80s. That is ridiculous. This weekend the weather broke and while we still need rain (it’s been weeks), the be outside factor has … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend

After a three year absence, we returned to Ocracoke for a quick trip. As soon as we got off the ferry, we ate tacos: The remnants of Harvey made Saturday a soggy day, but it brought a beautiful sunset: We … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the Great American Eclipse. The better-half researched and found a reputable dealer for glasses. We had so many that I ended up taking extra pairs to work. My boss was thrilled that she got her own pair. Several … Continue reading

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August, really?

It is already August. I’m not sure how that happened. It seems like we’ve hardly had time this summer to do anything. My work friend is back at work finally after being out for 14 months and it was really … Continue reading

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