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January just flew by in 74 days

January felt even longer than usual. I think it is because the 21st century has just been the hardest century and that’s saying a lot since the 20th century was filled with wars. Wait…maybe that’s just a constant? The better-half … Continue reading

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End of year roundup

We saw 22 shows. Everything from Depeche Mode to Roseanne Cash. I read 33 books. I went to Orlando, Denver, San Diego, and San Antonio for work. The better-half went to Nashville for work. The better-half and I went together: … Continue reading

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Philly was full of love

We went to Philly this weekend. We left Richmond on an early morning train, but not too early. We arrived in early afternoon and then bought Septa cards and promptly got lost and confused. A Septa employee took pity on … Continue reading

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Slide right into fall

Somehow it has become October. I finished up my travel for work with a trip to San Antonio. I was last there in 1996 for my honeymoon. Not much resonated with me or sparked a moment of oh yeah I … Continue reading

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Another month of summer

I’m headed to San Diego in a couple of days. I don’t want to jinx anything, but the hurricane looks to be much smaller than anticipated. I know California doesn’t have tropical storms so they may not be prepared, but … Continue reading

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Movies and sand

We have taken this week off. Yesterday we went to see Asteroid City. It was weird and very Wes Anderson and we really liked it. There’s something to be said about going to a matinee and munching on too much … Continue reading

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We found a 3-4′ snake skin in our garage. It was dangling from the chain track for the garage door opener. It seemed like a clever way for a snake to pull itself out of its skin. Other than a … Continue reading

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Songs, Movies, Garden, Oysters

On Thursday night we had dinner and then caught a show in Hopewell, VA. For people of a certain age, Hopewell will always be known for its chemical problem. I can’t say I’ve ever been to Hopewell, but dinner was … Continue reading

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Weekend trip

We took Friday off and caught a northbound train to DC. We have wanted to visit the African American history and culture museum for years and booked tickets for Friday afternoon. What an amazing place. It was packed with visitors … Continue reading

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Waffle Hose

We had breakfast at Waffle House for the first time in over a decade. It’s still tasty and I love watching how efficient the team is as they hustle out breakfast. It was also nice to see the regulars in … Continue reading

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