July – seven months in already

We had a low-key lunch yesterday with my parents, one of my sisters, her husband, and her (adult!) children. Lovely time and my dementia-addled father had a good time. The better-half is a rock star with my father. We did not go to see any fireworks and, honestly, I was in bed before 9:30. I was really tired and slept like a stone only waking up once at midnight and then at 3:30-ish when the cat got on the bed to cuddle up.

This morning the better-half and I both took naps after breakfast and dang we needed that. I don’t know about y’all but this year has been nothing but exhausting.

Yep, that’s it. That’s the post.

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Anniversaries and good byes

I celebrated my work anniversary at the beginning of the month. I’ve worked at the place for eleven years. This is the longest I’ve worked anywhere. It feels good. This year, though, is a time of change for the place where I work. We are in competition for some contract work like we’ve never been before and our senior leadership team has just shaken things up by re-arranging and downsizing their own ranks.

Change is good and it is how we move forward, but I am a bit sad and excited for those changes. The downsizing means I won’t be reporting to my manager any longer as he is leaving the organization. He and I came together as part of a re-org so it seems fitting that we’re ending as a result of one. He was a good leader for me and I hope some of the lessons learned will come in handy later. Who am I kidding, of course they will. I’m also hopeful that some of the things I’ve been working on for the last year or so will finally stop being roadblocked for whatever reason and we can move forward. It will be a time of growth for me and, more importantly, a time of growth for other people on my team.

In other goodbyes, I’m doing PT for my left knee to get rid of the nearly constant low-level pain. Apparently, there’s hope for this thing yet. In the manipulation/massage part of the session yesterday, the therapist said good work, I can tell this tight spot is not as ropey. The power of doing your homework, kids.

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Vegas for work

I left early Tuesday morning to fly to Vegas via Denver. There was a line of storms through the area of Georgia and to say we thought we were all going to die is not hyperbole. According to being there and being lifted out of our seats AND the data from FlightAware, we dropped thousands of feet multiple times. It was enough for the flight crew to pretty much tell us how to find vomit bags and how to get cool air pointed right on our faces so we didn’t pass out from anxiety. Anytime in the future when I hear there will be turbulence, I will think about this trip. Because usually when turbulence is mentioned it is nothing more than what I experience driving on Richmond city streets (notoriously shitty pot-holed streets–where exactly are the 1000s in taxes I’m handing over going).

So we didn’t die, obviously, and then hit some smoother air. Everyone on the plane decided they had to pee and I am somehow gifted with sitting practically in the toilet since I’m always at the rear of the plane for work trips. I saw nearly everyone on that flight get up and use the bathroom. After the 5th or 6th hour on the plane, I actually went too. Let me tell you as soon as the seatbelt light went off I was like an Olympic runner because at some point the girl sitting right next to the toilet should get to use it and screw everyone who had been every time the seatbelt light went off.

Did you notice the 5th or 6th hour part above? Did you say to yourself, you live in Richmond and were flying to Denver?? Yeah, the math doesn’t work on a normal day. This wasn’t a normal day. After nearly dying, we learned heavy snow hit the Denver airport and so we flew in circles and had to land in Grand Junction, CO to refuel. There were several big-ass planes on the tarmac at basically an airstrip. I’m sure all those big-ass planes used all the fuel and sorry, not sorry Grand Junction planes. Suck it.

We landed in Denver and then had to wait for a gate. Then had to wait for someone to push the freaking jetway to the plane. At some point we were told sit down, buckle up and hold it because the lavatory was full and no more snacks or water because we ain’t got none or you people can’t pee so we aren’t going to hydrate you–whatever. I was happy not to have someone’s nervous crotch or ass in my face. The back of the plane stank. After 10 hours on the plane, we disembarked. The pilots and flight attendants did well. Most of the passengers did well. At one point a flight attendant ran down the aisle. No one fell into the aisle so I really don’t know what that was about, but it is not a good day when a flight attendant acts like they are worried.

We were delayed in Denver because, of course, we were. We thought we were being smart by choosing a flight that was a bit earlier than the one we were re-booked on, but that other plane, the one we chose not to take to Vegas, left before the earlier one. I’m thinking the only reason that happened was because 4 of us were trying to get to Vegas for work. Our bags were on that earlier plane. So I guess it all worked out because we finally all got to our hotel at the same time. We missed our walk through meeting with the hotel because it took us eleventy-billion hours to get to Vegas. We ate dinner, went to bed and woke up at o’dark thirty to prep the conference room for our meeting. Meeting was successful.

Other things:

  • Finally played slots and didn’t win. I thought I did but then I played the second night and finally called it quits after the machines basically said thanks for the cash, idiot. My friend and I did each score one watered down free drink so that achievement was unlocked.
  • Saw one very bedraggled Elvis.
  • The Bellagio fountain never disappoints.
  • The people watching was fantastic.

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January just flew by in 74 days

January felt even longer than usual. I think it is because the 21st century has just been the hardest century and that’s saying a lot since the 20th century was filled with wars. Wait…maybe that’s just a constant?

The better-half and I were talking about taking a weekend trip and we’re SOL for doing that in February thanks to all the crap I have going on at work. We may be able to slip out in March but good grief who even knows? Allow me to stop this whine right now.

Yesterday we had a splendid day taking a walk around our local botanical garden and we found one huge granite sculpture we have no memory of ever seeing before. It isn’t hidden so we’re wondering if it is newish? We also found a wild and woody trail that we had never known about and it is right there on the map so OK. Clearly, it is good to go to a pretty familiar place and then open your eyes like a tourist on occasion. After the lovely walk, we hit our local brewery and grabbed some quesadillas from the shop a few doors down. Primo day.

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End of year roundup

We saw 22 shows. Everything from Depeche Mode to Roseanne Cash.
I read 33 books.
I went to Orlando, Denver, San Diego, and San Antonio for work.
The better-half went to Nashville for work.
The better-half and I went together:

  • to DC three times either for a long weekend or concerts
  • we spent a few days in Duck
  • an overnight in Charlottesville
  • a handful of trips to Amherst
  • a long weekend to Philadelphia


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Philly was full of love

We went to Philly this weekend. We left Richmond on an early morning train, but not too early. We arrived in early afternoon and then bought Septa cards and promptly got lost and confused. A Septa employee took pity on us and got us moving in the sort of right direction (it was more direction than we had before). It turns out Septa has regional trains and what passes as a Metro, aka local trains. Once we figured that out, we were golden. DC’s metro is way more clean than Philly’s subway and Philly’s is way more clean than NYC’s system.

We ducked into Reading Terminal Market thinking we could get some lunch and OH MY GOOD LORD. Nope. We found our way back out and then made our way to the hotel. We checked in and then found the Sassafras Bar. Saints preserve us, Danny took great care of us. We had a soft pretzel, fries with garlic aioli and marinated olives. Lunch of such health. The drinks were kicking too. Then we napped. It was rainy and gross so spending time in a bar and then an hour nap totally felt justified.

Dinner was at Karma and it’s been too long since we ate Indian that we decided we need to go more often. The neighborhood where we stayed was pretty happening. Lots of bars, restaurants, museums, things to do. Although, at some point we were clearly the oldest people at Karma, but that was OK.

Saturday we packed all of our sightseeing into a few hours and walked nearly 10 miles. By the time we called it a night, I was struggling to walk up a flight of stairs. Quick list:
Liberty Bell

Schuylkill River walked along it to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and watched the end of a Rocky Run–we did not run up the steps, but we did walk up them and also did not make the gesture of the double fist pump.
Mutter Museum which was fascinating and wigged me out.
Lunch from Campo’s–pretty good cheese steak and a classic Italian hoagie which we split in half and then ate the remainder on the train home today.
Walk along Penn’s Landing

Cocktails and excellent popcorn at Royal Boucherie
Dinner at Spasso Italian Grill. The veal porcini was delicious. The better-half enjoyed his chicken parm.

Easy peasy trip home on the train and a happy cat at the door.

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Slide right into fall

Somehow it has become October.

I finished up my travel for work with a trip to San Antonio. I was last there in 1996 for my honeymoon. Not much resonated with me or sparked a moment of oh yeah I remember that. I mean the Riverwalk is still there. I didn’t see the Alamo this time. I arrived on Monday mid-day and left Wednesday mid-afternoon so there wasn’t much I saw besides the inside of a conference room.

The food was excellent, even the hotel food was good. Speaking of good food, the better-half went to the State Fair while I was gone and I’m so glad he went.

My mother was able to go on her trip to Pittsburgh. My FL sister came up to spend the night with my father. The three kids were around so he was never by himself for long. I think by the end of the weekend he was tired and out of sorts because of all of the unusual activity.

This month is chock full of activities as the weather breaks and we get outside more. Fall is my favorite.

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Another month of summer

I’m headed to San Diego in a couple of days. I don’t want to jinx anything, but the hurricane looks to be much smaller than anticipated. I know California doesn’t have tropical storms so they may not be prepared, but that storm is smallish to my East Coast eyes.

I’m happy to say our upstairs air conditioning is working this Sunday. The last two weeks, at almost the exact time, we’ve discovered it wasn’t working. The safety pan alarm turned off the system both times. There was a blockage somewhere in the unit as well as in the tube that draws the water away. $400 later and the problem seems to be fixed. Of course, we could just be kicking the can down the road. The shelf life of the system is coming up. I’d rather spend the money on something else. We live in Virginia so there’s no way we aren’t going to have air conditioning.

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Movies and sand

We have taken this week off. Yesterday we went to see Asteroid City. It was weird and very Wes Anderson and we really liked it. There’s something to be said about going to a matinee and munching on too much popcorn. There was only one other person in the theater with us. It felt slightly decadent.

Today we leave for the beach and will be back on Saturday. It’s a shorter trip than usual for us and in a different spot on the Outer Banks, but we have big plans for doing nothing. Sleep, sitting on the beach, sleep, diving into the ocean, sleep, taking walks and eating terrific seafood.

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We found a 3-4′ snake skin in our garage. It was dangling from the chain track for the garage door opener. It seemed like a clever way for a snake to pull itself out of its skin. Other than a snake that climbed up our basement stairs and then went out our back door, we haven’t seen a live snake on premises the entire time we’ve lived here. Our rat snake visitor from several years ago:

It’s nice to see evidence there are actually snakes around. I think our little corner here in the neighborhood is trying to bring back habitat. Our three yards are pretty hands off when it comes to clearing brush (there’s a wild area where all three yards meet) and I get the sense that no one is relying on heavy chemicals for much of anything.

A friend at work is leaving and that will likely mean a lot for me as I take on her responsibilities. It remains to be seen if my job just got bigger on a permanent basis or if it is an interim thing. I’m hoping for permanent and have shared a plan with my manager. Lots of change happening at work right now so we’ll see how everything goes over the next few weeks. I have mentioned this change in duties to two people and this is how both of those conversations have gone:

Me farting would have generated more conversation. So it goes.

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