Thank Goodness

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Eating during a pandemic

I have been taking pictures of what we’ve been cooking during the pandemic and have been quite lazy in posting here. We attempt to make something new every once in a while so we’re not stuck in a dinner rut and in the rut of being stuck in one place.

I’ll continue to update this post as I clean up the photos on my phone. I’m not food stylist so keep that in mind.

Apple cider muffin/donut

Mayonaise Chocolate Cake

Lasagna with our own spinach

Breakfast Ramen with cheese and egg

Tofu with chili crisp and roasted green beans

So many pizzas

Dutch Baby with smoked salmon

Yellow squash risotto

Inside-Out Lamb Persillade



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Get away

Took a few days and escaped.

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Doing the numbers

I have driven my car 729 miles since January. The last time I bought gas was in mid-May and with all my discounts, it cost $.45/gallon.
We have attended one show in 2020. This time last year we had enjoyed 9 shows. In 2018, we were at 16 shows.

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Sweat, Comradery, Fun

Just when it seemed hopeless this summer that we’d hear any live music, two substitutes showed up. It isn’t the same, but it helps a little.

BBC Music just released a ton of videos from past Glastonbury Festivals.

The Richmond Symphony is doing a Beethoven recital series in July. We bought a ticket to the live stream.

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Memorial Day

No matter how the world goes, its important to maintain some traditions. For us that is smoking a meat. Today it is chicken. We brined it over night and then threw it on the smoker. No other rubs or sauces. I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m guessing deliciousness.

We have a surplus of mayo because a friend heard, incorrectly as it turns out, there was a shortage of Duke’s. We made chocolate cake yesterday and used some mayo. It is a recipe from the Depression when eggs and milk were scarce.

If anyone is worried about whether Lucy likes to hang out on the porch, this is how things generally are at our house these days. She’s in “her” chair, the better-half in his and I’m on the settee.

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Week 9? Who knows.

The better-half and I were talking the other day about how I used to keep a journal to chronicle our first years as a married couple. Whenever we dip into those notebooks (very occasionally) we have to remind ourselves why I was so amped up about something. Honestly, it usually related to the antics of his mother or my father. It really doesn’t matter anymore, but at the time…boy howdy. This relates to the current situation we find ourselves in. We’re wondering if we should be documenting this more somehow and what we’d say to the future. In the end, does it really matter that I sit at the gd kitchen counter for 8 or whatever hours each day? The days are relentlessly the same. We wake up, go to work, stop working, make dinner. Start over. The weekends are better because that usually means chores.

I ordered a completely ridiculous trucker hat with my Bitmoji on it so I can be weird in all of the endless video calls I’m on. I also have a rainbow wig that has made an appearance. It’s the small things. Here’s the cat, in the box that contained the ridiculous trucker hat:

Our garden has produced a ton of lettuce and spinach. We had so much spinach and so made spinach lasagna last night:

It was great last night and I expect it will be even better tonight. In addition to the homegrown spinach, we thawed the last of the tomato sauce I made last year and used that too. We were fortunate to get some sheep ricotta from our favorite butchery. We used all of that and a wee bit of leftover regular ricotta. Heaven help us, sheep ricotta is great on a crostini and even better in this lasagna.

We made red beans and rice the other day in the crock pot and because I can’t help myself, I made too much rice. We tried a thing that is apparently on Instagram, but we don’t ‘gram so I can’t say for sure. We have wanted to try the crispy rice thing for some time now and we’re really motivated now after we ate this for breakfast:

I pulled out the cast iron skillet, dumped in some olive oil and added the leftover rice. That cooked for 15 minutes (?) and then I made divots for two eggs. I covered the pan so the tops of the eggs would set. Crispy rice is a thing of joy. The eggs were set, not runny but jammy, and we added zaatar and salt and pepper. I think next time I’d like a little chili flake in there too.

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Just when you need him

Michael Franti always comes through.

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Not Getting It

Know how sometimes someone says something to you about you that is so false that you can’t even believe it? Happened to me today. The person who said it didn’t even hear herself say it. Yes, I’m being vague.

The words were along the lines of I totally forgot that since the late 1990s you’ve been involved in training and development of adults (which, by the way means I want everyone to learn new skills) and that I once said you’ll never get a job because you don’t know technology. Nearly my entire career has been about helping people learn how to use technology so they can do their jobs better. I went back to school twice so I could hone my craft. I am in it to win it and this is the bullshit out of someone’s mouth.

I like it better when quarantine means being nice to each other.

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We didn’t go out

We didn’t go out with friends this week and we cancelled the reservation for next week. We did order lunch from the sub shop down the street and are going to get dinner and wine from our favorite spot because praise Jesub the state of VA is relaxing its booze rules for restaurants. You know we are a step away from the apocalypse if VA is doing the smart thing.

Work from home week was so successful we’re doing it again next week. My team now has a Slack page that we’re totally goofing on. We’ve all gotten over our fear of webcams. I think webcams are great because it means people are getting up and showering every day because no one wants to look like a freak (even if we know and love them for that). A small bit of encouragement from me and others also means my team is going outside even if it only means walking in their neighborhoods or eating lunch outside. It’s the small things.

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