It’s Always Something

Even though this house was gutted and rebuilt, there’s always something that’s not quite right, isn’t there? An utter moron installed the lights in our downstairs bathroom:

See those arrows? They are pointing you in the right direction to see this:

Oh hey, it’s totally OK to install lights without covering the electrical box, right? We’re pretty sure whatever sconces were there before the sellers left the house were not the ugly things we inherited. They don’t go with the rest of the fixtures in the bathroom and a hack installed them.

The story gets better. The boxes weren’t even the right kind of box–rectangular boxes aren’t for light fixtures (think switches or sockets):

Two trips to the hardware store later and the new boxes and lights were installed:

Did you happen to notice in the fourth picture that weirdo paint job? Who doesn’t take the mirror down when painting the rest of the room? The mirror just hangs off two hangers. Easily slid on or off the hangers so you don’t have to painstakingly go around a mirror with a paint brush.

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