Some fine updates

This week the magic happened.

Let me start by saying our guest bedroom closet has been a nightmare of boxes, suitcases and boxes. There were some boxes in there too. The closet had no shelving, rods, or anything in it except dust when we moved. So we filled it with boxes. Did I mention boxes?

Now it looks like this:

As it turns out most of what was in that closet, belongs in the office. The office is a tiny room that had zero storage. No closets, no cabinets, nothing. Hence all of the boxes in the other room. We now have storage:

Now that the room has been built out, I can finally put up some real window treatments and the last of the paper blinds can go the way of the dodo.

Speaking of boxes, it’s hard to see in the before picture, but there is a box on the laundry room floor that has not moved since we moved in. That box is now in the garage and soon to be in the recycle bin:

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