Profound sadness

Last night as I went to bed, I asked the better-half how I could start the day with such hope only to end it with such despair. I still don’t know how this country voted for a person who has spewed hate for months on end. He disrespects people who are brown and black. He disrespects people who worship Muhammad. He disrespects women. SWEET JESUS, he disrespects women and yet, YET, 53% of his votes came from women. What the fuck, ladies?

Seriously, WTF. Every single woman has been disrespected by men (and especially by men in his age group). Don’t tell me you haven’t been cat called, don’t tell me you haven’t been called fat, don’t tell me you haven’t been screwed over in salaries, don’t lie to yourself. It is even as simple as walking down the sidewalk and men of a certain age REFUSE to move over. They own the sidewalk. You can step in the street because they do NOT see you as worthy of their attention unless they think they can own you. And, we just elected the king of that behavior. A racist, misogynistic bully. Explain that to your kids. It’s OK to be an asshole because assholes are rewarded. That was the lesson broadcast on November 8, 2016.

I can only hope this is the actual wake up call. We should be ashamed.

Another perspective on the fail and how we can do better.

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