Over the Moon

Five or six years ago, I came across some wallpaper I really liked and I don’t like wallpaper. Our first house had late 1960s/early 1970s wallpaper that we had to take down. It was horrible. I don’t like wallpaper.

We finally bit the bullet and contracted to have our downstairs, stairwell and upstairs hallway painted. We have an open concept so all that color flowed together and was a neutral with way too much yellow in it.

You can see the yellow in the wall and the painter's sample.

Our friend and painting contractor came over and we picked colors for the walls and trim. I showed her that photo of the wallpaper. She got as excited as I was and we decided to go for it in our small TV room.

The TV room has an exterior brick wall (the room was once a porch). We decided to whitewash the brick so that all of the colors in the brick didn’t conflict with the new geometric paint design. The painting crew was here last week and they painted all the things. The TV room came out fabulously.

The after photo - so cool.

Brick wall, amazing paint job.

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