Don’t believe the hype

We live down the street from what used to be an old folk’s home (assisted living, independent, nursing care) and last year the business was sold. The new owners are turning it into a 55+ community so only independent living. They are about 80% occupied and most of the people needing care have been moved out. The thing that hasn’t changed is the near constant calls to the fire department to come lift someone, check on the facility when a defibrillator is activated, fire, and god knows what. Our fire department is the first responder so the EMTs show up riding on a rig with sirens right past our house. The weekends are the worst. Last Saturday there were at least 4 calls, maybe 5.

We’ve started a game that has us guessing the emergency code (published on our city’s emergency website). We are so often right. If the fire truck is blaring sirens and speeding, it’s a heart problem. If they are cruising without sirens and not that quickly, someone has fallen and can’t get up.

We won’t be moving down the street when we are 55+ or older. I’m not going somewhere that advertises itself as vibrant when I’m presented with the facts there is a hot mess at the end of the street. The other retirement community in the neighborhood has zero fire trucks rolling through the neighborhood. I’m not sure how that works. Do they have a deal that includes no sirens or if it is just SO much better run? That community has a larger footprint and does include assisted living and nursing care. My point is they have a large population of sicker residents and emergency vehicles aren’t crowding the gate.

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