Baltimore weekend

We went to Baltimore this weekend with a friend who had never been. We spent most of our time at the Inner Harbor and I think the next time we are in the city we will skip this area. We’ve both been to the aquarium multiple times and, while blasphemous, we don’t need to do it again.

We took the train and then rode the Charm City Circulator to get to the hotel and most of the rest of our transportation was by foot or ride share.

For the most part the food was fine and honestly the taco joint on plastic plates was my favorite. That and the Cafe Poupon’s coffee was stellar.

Let it be said how much I love riding the train. The better-half and I have loose plans to take another trip north and plan on the train.

Restaurant list:
Tir Ana Nog
Cafe Gia
Cafe Poupon
Taco Fiesta
Rusty Scupper

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