And you’re rolling in the blender with me

We have finally made good on endless conversations we’ve had over the past several months. We contacted a realtor and the house goes on the market by next weekend. We’ve had a hard time with living so far out in the sticks for more than a little bit of time. When I went back to school, we spent time in the college town and loved being five minutes from everything. When the job search didn’t pan out with a required move, we started talking about what we wanted since we’re staying in the Richmond area.

Living where we do is no longer working for us. It is quiet and we love seeing fox, racoon, deer and other various four-legged creatures, but it’s time to go.

We have a short list of things the realtor gave us as homework. One of those things was to pull up the garden fence. That nearly did us in because it has finally decided to be summer and 90+ days with 90% humidity is cuckoo for cocoa puffs for pulling up fence posts. Another thing was to paint the master bath. I had a minor breakdown on Friday night when I realized that ugly, ugly room is going to need three coats of paint. WTF?!

This coming week we’re having a landscaper spruce up the front flower beds. My sister has been the lucky recipient of some very mature hostas that had to come out in order to make the front of the house more tailored. I’m going to miss those hostas but I’m sure I can have visiting rights (hint, hint).

This afternoon, I’ve been depersonalizing the house and removing clutter. We are really not clutter people, but talk to a realtor and everyone is apparently one step away from appearing on a hoarder show.

Ah, memories:

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  1. Liz says:

    Wow, this is surprising news. (I got hit by lightning again and my old computer couldn’t take the second blast. I need to catch up.). I don’t blame you at all, I love being able to walk everywhere now that I live in town. I think I started reading you about the time you were moving in to that house!!

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