Taking Stock

The new house is smaller than the one we are living in now and so this weekend we’ve started eyeballing all of our stuff. We have way too much stuff. There is so much that won’t be coming with us and FINALLY!!!! a boatload of stuff we’ve been holding on for the better-half’s mother’s family will be jettisoned as well. I think this is probably the 4th time we (or someone) has gone through her crap fine things and the next person who goes through it will be the person who buys it from a thrift store. Can I get an Amen?

The toughest decisions are the ones about the books. Two English majors should never set up house together. We’ve agreed that we’ll each go through and pick the ones we can’t part with and then we’ll get rid of the rest. I’ll have to get into the mood and then just (wo)man up and make two stacks. One to keep and one to go. I’m sure the books won’t care which pile they end up in, but it will be a struggle for me.

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