The Countdown Begins

We move out on September 21st. That date is so close now. Our house is trashed. We had an auction company come on Saturday to pick things up. At this point, I hope we make as much as they charged to come and get the junk. If we make exactly that I’m fine because I never have to deal with that stuff again.

The new dishwasher was finally delivered on Saturday. It was supposed to be delivered and installed on Friday. Lowe’s screwed that up and they somehow forgot that they were installing the dishwasher. So the delivery guys dropped off the new one and took the old one away. The better-half rocks and he installed the new one. TWO HOURS of time we did not plan on spending doing stupid crap. Thanks for nothing Lowe’s.

In good news, a group I worked with at Virginia Tech won an award for our work. At least one member of the team is going to be at the upcoming conference to accept. My certificate will be mailed to me. Huzzah!

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  1. Liz says:

    Congratulations on all counts!

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