We don’t have many trees in our yard, but the neighborhood is full of them. Huge oaks and maples, mostly. The leaves tend to blow to our side of the street. I’m not sure how that happens, but a significant portion of leaves end up in our yard or along our sidewalks. The city posted the schedule of when they’d be sending around the leaf sucking truck and, for our neighborhood, we’re still two weeks away from the start of the leaf sucking truck. We could certainly bag and have the regular trash guys pick them up, but bagging leaves is hateful.

Today we saw the leaf truck go by in front of our house and we were outraged that with a day’s warning we could have gotten the leaves into the street, but no. Then we thought about how a bunch of rain is expected today, and, maybe, the city is being proactive about the drains and they are just hitting the highlights. As it turns out, as we were returning from an errand, there were trucks at the other end of our side street and it didn’t seem like they were only collecting around drains.

We quickly raked the side street’s shitton of leaves. As we were nearing completion, a city worker stopped and talked to the better-half. One of the things he said is yep, we’ll come get these leaves and the other is where is your leaf blower. The better-half said it isn’t much of a leaf blower and I refer to it as the crappy leaf blower nearly always. It was fine for blowing grass off the pool deck, but it isn’t useful for much else. Yet another thing we need to spend money on in the future. As in not this leaf season.

We will end up raking the backyard at some point, but most of those leaves are also from a neighbor’s tree and the grass is already dead in that area anyway. We can wait another two weeks to see when the leaf collection signs are posted and then scurry to take care of that task. In the future. Leaf raking procrastination is the best kind of procrastination.

Wouldn’t you know, they knocked off before they got to our house.

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