In April, I worked like a dog to make a 22 minute video about ABO verification in the OR. We’re not talking filming a live event and then editing. We’re talking about making every single moving piece and syncing up 10 voices. It was delivered on May 4th. May 5th I helped to host a town hall webinar and then I started working on an interactive e-learning module.

It is the biggest module I’ve ever single-highhandedly worked on. I had about 3 weeks to finish it. It did give me the opportunity to work from home for 3 whole days in May. That’s never happened to me at my current place of employment–working from home for total heads-down time. That module went to Production today. It’s in a pending status until Tuesday when it goes live. Three weeks is a ridiculous turn around and helps explain why I feel like I have not had one break in forever.

That vacation in early April? Was that an actual thing or did I just dream it?

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