Middle March

I wish I could make a George Eliot joke here (re: title of post), but I got nothing. And, yes, I know how the book title is actually written.

We’ve been trying to hire someone for my team at work and there’s one promising candidate and many others that aren’t. We have one more to interview and then I hope we can make our decision. The leadership team is taking care of the interviews which is a bit different than the way we’ve done it before. It makes more sense this way. Just focus on what’s needed and not overwhelm candidates.

There are two of us at work who are transitioning into lead roles and it is a bit of a struggle. Other members of the team who think they are the smartest people in the room annoy those of us who actually are. And, when I give you feedback on something that needs to be fixed and you ignore that advice only to receive the same feedback the NEXT day from our boss, I’m extra annoyed. You could have avoided a duplicated mistake had you just paid attention to me. But, no. You are the smartest person in the room–keep up the shoddy work.

We went to a show last night with a friend and ran into an old work colleague. He ended up moving to sit with us and it was nice catching up. I think I last saw him in the late 1990s. He recognized us. I wouldn’t have paid attention had he not approached us. Sometimes Richmond is a small town and you feel like you run into the same people all the time. In his case, the exact opposite is true.

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