Locking up children, racial profiling and whatever new fresh hell this awful president comes up with next is not how we make America great again. Because, honestly, America was already pretty great. A confederate sympathizer is running against one of our senators this fall. It really is 2018, right? We’re supposed to be living in the future or at least for the future. Quit looking back because the only path is forward.

Last night we went over to a friend’s place to celebrate her birthday. She put in a lot of work to get the party started in her backyard–twinkly lights, lots of cold beverages, some crazy good potatoes (seriously good potato bites), etc.

Not one person talked about politics. Not one person talked about hate. It was just a few pockets of people meeting each other for the first time or hanging out with people whom we’ve known for years. That is what living in 2018 is like. That’s the real world.

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