So tired

We went to see Pink Martini on Tuesday night. A very fun show and they sang Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman and here’s how they did it:

We stayed in our seats and sang along. We left after the conga line ended up on stage during the encore.

Millennial employee got to work on time yesterday for the first time in weeks. Was I supposed to say good job or just hello?

Power went out due to Hurricane Micheal and it chafes when the people across the street have power and we don’t. Our lines are underground after a big dang production a couple of years ago. Their lines are still above ground. Ugh. Speaking of big dang deal, we’re approaching 1 year of continuous construction on the gas lines in our neighborhood. Every week we have to move signs and remove trash from the construction folks. I will be so glad when they are freaking done. At least the heavy equipment isn’t parked at our house. I’ve surely just jinxed us.

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