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We did nothing

We’re nearing the end of our vacation and exactly nothing has happened – which means we’ve succeeded. Sunrise: Sunset and I worked hard to get those sun flares: I’ve been moving a deck chair around to hide from the sun … Continue reading

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Can’t Say Much

This week: A job candidate posted something about my department on social media that basically disparaged the entire work of the department and because we are so small, she may as well have named us personally. The only take-away I … Continue reading

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Less than 3 days

I ran a report on our HR system the other day and realized I have taken less than 3 days of vacation this year. No wonder I’m so tired. Good thing there is a week coming soon to remedy that.

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Hot new lunch spot

I have a doctor’s appointment today in the middle of the day. Work was like argharghargh and so I ran out of there while I had the chance. Got to the appointment early and ate my lunch in the car. … Continue reading

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