We’re expecting snow and freezing rain in central VA this weekend. It hasn’t started yet, but it is a cold and gray mid-winter’s morning. We had about a foot here in mid-December. Climate change is still up for debate?

The cheeto in chief needs to give up on the wall and get folks back to work. We are 21 days into the federal shutdown. I’m getting paid on Tuesday and I got paid on December 31st. My mortgage is paid. I can’t imagine the stress on the folks who work for the government. He is incapable of empathy and I can only hope people will remember the emperor has no clothes in 2020.

I’m waiting for a library ebook to pop up for me so I pulled out The Great Gatsby to read. It’s been a very long time since I read this and I’m enjoying it. Last night, I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I read a chapter. Gatsby told Nick that San Francisco is the Middle West. Say what? Was that an actual thing back in the 20s to call San Francisco that? Because the last time I was there, it was squarely on the west coast and not in the middle of the country.

We didn’t make resolutions this year, but I am trying to be nicer at work. The struggle is real. And, I’m committed to taking more time off this year. Last year was bleak. We’re trying to balance the need to travel and spending money on some house improvements.

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