We didn’t go out

We didn’t go out with friends this week and we cancelled the reservation for next week. We did order lunch from the sub shop down the street and are going to get dinner and wine from our favorite spot because praise Jesub the state of VA is relaxing its booze rules for restaurants. You know we are a step away from the apocalypse if VA is doing the smart thing.

Work from home week was so successful we’re doing it again next week. My team now has a Slack page that we’re totally goofing on. We’ve all gotten over our fear of webcams. I think webcams are great because it means people are getting up and showering every day because no one wants to look like a freak (even if we know and love them for that). A small bit of encouragement from me and others also means my team is going outside even if it only means walking in their neighborhoods or eating lunch outside. It’s the small things.

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