We found a 3-4′ snake skin in our garage. It was dangling from the chain track for the garage door opener. It seemed like a clever way for a snake to pull itself out of its skin. Other than a snake that climbed up our basement stairs and then went out our back door, we haven’t seen a live snake on premises the entire time we’ve lived here. Our rat snake visitor from several years ago:

It’s nice to see evidence there are actually snakes around. I think our little corner here in the neighborhood is trying to bring back habitat. Our three yards are pretty hands off when it comes to clearing brush (there’s a wild area where all three yards meet) and I get the sense that no one is relying on heavy chemicals for much of anything.

A friend at work is leaving and that will likely mean a lot for me as I take on her responsibilities. It remains to be seen if my job just got bigger on a permanent basis or if it is an interim thing. I’m hoping for permanent and have shared a plan with my manager. Lots of change happening at work right now so we’ll see how everything goes over the next few weeks. I have mentioned this change in duties to two people and this is how both of those conversations have gone:

Me farting would have generated more conversation. So it goes.

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