Slide right into fall

Somehow it has become October.

I finished up my travel for work with a trip to San Antonio. I was last there in 1996 for my honeymoon. Not much resonated with me or sparked a moment of oh yeah I remember that. I mean the Riverwalk is still there. I didn’t see the Alamo this time. I arrived on Monday mid-day and left Wednesday mid-afternoon so there wasn’t much I saw besides the inside of a conference room.

The food was excellent, even the hotel food was good. Speaking of good food, the better-half went to the State Fair while I was gone and I’m so glad he went.

My mother was able to go on her trip to Pittsburgh. My FL sister came up to spend the night with my father. The three kids were around so he was never by himself for long. I think by the end of the weekend he was tired and out of sorts because of all of the unusual activity.

This month is chock full of activities as the weather breaks and we get outside more. Fall is my favorite.

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