January just flew by in 74 days

January felt even longer than usual. I think it is because the 21st century has just been the hardest century and that’s saying a lot since the 20th century was filled with wars. Wait…maybe that’s just a constant?

The better-half and I were talking about taking a weekend trip and we’re SOL for doing that in February thanks to all the crap I have going on at work. We may be able to slip out in March but good grief who even knows? Allow me to stop this whine right now.

Yesterday we had a splendid day taking a walk around our local botanical garden and we found one huge granite sculpture we have no memory of ever seeing before. It isn’t hidden so we’re wondering if it is newish? We also found a wild and woody trail that we had never known about and it is right there on the map so OK. Clearly, it is good to go to a pretty familiar place and then open your eyes like a tourist on occasion. After the lovely walk, we hit our local brewery and grabbed some quesadillas from the shop a few doors down. Primo day.

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