Anniversaries and good byes

I celebrated my work anniversary at the beginning of the month. I’ve worked at the place for eleven years. This is the longest I’ve worked anywhere. It feels good. This year, though, is a time of change for the place where I work. We are in competition for some contract work like we’ve never been before and our senior leadership team has just shaken things up by re-arranging and downsizing their own ranks.

Change is good and it is how we move forward, but I am a bit sad and excited for those changes. The downsizing means I won’t be reporting to my manager any longer as he is leaving the organization. He and I came together as part of a re-org so it seems fitting that we’re ending as a result of one. He was a good leader for me and I hope some of the lessons learned will come in handy later. Who am I kidding, of course they will. I’m also hopeful that some of the things I’ve been working on for the last year or so will finally stop being roadblocked for whatever reason and we can move forward. It will be a time of growth for me and, more importantly, a time of growth for other people on my team.

In other goodbyes, I’m doing PT for my left knee to get rid of the nearly constant low-level pain. Apparently, there’s hope for this thing yet. In the manipulation/massage part of the session yesterday, the therapist said good work, I can tell this tight spot is not as ropey. The power of doing your homework, kids.

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