Baby, you’re no good (I’m gonna say it again)

Well, the last week has been full of crap. It included the worst concert experience we’ve ever had. We keep a list of shows we’ve seen and the one last Wednesday was #136. I feel like we’re missing some, but that’s still a lot of shows.

The headlining act, Earth, Wind and Fire, were an hour late coming out to perform. Seriously, was this some bar band that’s waiting for people to drink more because they are making their cash out of how many beers purchased? The venue clearly oversold the space and that meant 1000s were crammed into a tiny outdoor space. The sound system was atrocious. At one point, someone was speaking on stage and every person around me complained that they had no idea what was said. Then the band came out and the sound was no better.

We weren’t the only ones who walked out. We walked away from an Earth, Wind and Fire show. I never thought I’d do that, but at least we had a surprisingly great meal at a Mexican restaurant. Our friend suggested going there for margaritas and to commiserate over our bad experience. It was a damn fine chile relleno.

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