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Tasty treats

Last night we made dinner and decided to go fancy pants. We made a dish from a Jaime Oliver cookbook the MIL gave me years ago. Scallops, pancetta, asparagus served over lentils and topped with a lemon Crème fraîche: We … Continue reading

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Kicking 2015 off right

We’ll be making some good luck foods later today, but lunch was grilled oysters. They were pulled out of the water on 12/30: We put them on the grill so they pop right open (about 5 minutes): Then we feasted:

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Winter Solstice

We raked leaves yesterday and are still waiting to find out when the city will stroll through with the collector truck. The leaf piles in the neighborhood are reaching epic proportions. We only have one more gift to buy and … Continue reading

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Baby, you’re no good (I’m gonna say it again)

Well, the last week has been full of crap. It included the worst concert experience we’ve ever had. We keep a list of shows we’ve seen and the one last Wednesday was #136. I feel like we’re missing some, but … Continue reading

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Hello, Is there anybody in there?

Where have you been intertubes? I’ve been working like a dog. I can’t wait for vacation or the end of the year. Whichever is first. We do actually have some pretty flowers in the yard, but they are short-lived: We … Continue reading

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Three Day Weekend

Bought the plants: As you know, built out the first planter: Hung out on the deck after planting: Had burgers and spinach salad with edible flowers and strawberries for dinner: Woke up and went to brunch with friends: Today we … Continue reading

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Busy weekend

Ever have one of those weekends that ends up being busier than you thought it would be? Yeah, I know. All the time. Yesterday was amazing as far as the weather is concerned. We were outside for most of the … Continue reading

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Celebrating on Sunday

Much feasting!

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Oysters in a bag

Late last year we saw an ad for Oysters for Life and decided to adopt/sponsor an oyster cage (hi, cage 1917A!). Today we received a bag of oysters. I was expecting a net bag in a styrofoam box. We ended … Continue reading

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The Horror

On Thanksgiving we took the MIL to her brother’s for dinner. I sat next to the better-half’s aunt who said, “I don’t like stuffing”. I gave her the WTF face. I thought she just didn’t serve stuffing for dinner because … Continue reading

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