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Baby, you’re no good (I’m gonna say it again)

Well, the last week has been full of crap. It included the worst concert experience we’ve ever had. We keep a list of shows we’ve seen and the one last Wednesday was #136. I feel like we’re missing some, but … Continue reading

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Sunday night concert

We went to a concert last night. We were tired when we got there because we’d spent the weekend either cleaning out the MIL’s room or hacking back the stupid privet hedge that lines the sidewalk. Behold, people of the … Continue reading

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Music over the last few days

I was having a drink in a hotel bar and this song came on: I played it for the better-half and he said that’s Take Five (sho ’nuff): Last night we saw these folks: Pleasing to my ears.

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The Cover

I started with this one (new album in 4 days, btw): Then I went to this one (oy): Ended with this one (B-R-U-C-E):

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Playing Catch Up

This morning I woke up feeling like someone had punched me in the jaw. It’s still sore. I’m wondering which of the three beings in this house did it. Probably Simon since he likes to stand on you and make … Continue reading

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Subs and Music

Tonight we had dinner at a divey sandwich shop that we used to go to a lot when the better-half worked on the U of R campus (the hot peppers cleared up my clogged head–hallelujah). Then we headed over to … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Rung Out

We listen to WNRN pretty religiously. We made a donation to them at the end of last year that put us into their VIP group. Which sounds schmancy. It is when you consider, we went to see a show last … Continue reading

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National Symphony Orchestra

We went to Wolf Trap last night with a friend to see the NSO perform Pictures at an Exhibition and Carmina Burana. The draw for us was Carmina Burana. You know this piece if you’ve ever seen The Exorcist. We … Continue reading

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Really excited about this

I got this in the mail today. You know how sometimes you are struck by music you’ve known for years and then you realize you don’t have a copy of any of her work? That situation has been rectified.

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Heard about her on NPR this afternoon

I look forward to listening to NPR in the car. Sometimes, I have to turn it off if the news is BAD, BAD, BAD. It was like that a few weeks ago. I switched over to loud rock and roll. … Continue reading

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