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Another fine Porchella

We invited a friend this time. The neighborhood was HERE for this event. Dogs, bikes, kids, adults, neighbors, friends, bands, and beautiful weather.

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Sweat, Comradery, Fun

Just when it seemed hopeless this summer that we’d hear any live music, two substitutes showed up. It isn’t the same, but it helps a little. BBC Music just released a ton of videos from past Glastonbury Festivals. The Richmond … Continue reading

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please let her win

Win the Grammy’s that is… The Joke Hold Out Your Hand The Mother By the way, I don’t know what the ads will be for you. If they are for Camtasia, that’s a good recommendation.

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So very tired; yet there is truth

I really like this song. Just putting that fact out there. Don’t get me started on Brandi Carlile . We saw her perform last May and I’m slowly becoming obsessed. I told the better-half that I’m about to buy her … Continue reading

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Two Great Date Nights

Do they count as date night if you don’t go out to dinner? First we saw this group perform Mementos Mori. Tonight we saw Dianne Reeves perform. I’m so happy she performed this one:

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Knock that Sad Post Off Top Spot

We think Lucy actually noticed that Simon was gone. She was uninterested in food for a couple of days which either means she was in a coma or she missed her friend. Anyway, hoovering status is back to code green. … Continue reading

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Dull Roar

Thursday night we went to see the Drive By Truckers at a local venue. Sometimes you just need rock and roll: Tonight there’s a super moon and even with my crappy camera, you can tell how awesome our satellite is:

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To DC and back again

We took the train to DC to see Billy Joel perform. Taking the train has distinct advantages to the craptastic strip of 95 in the summertime. Playing cards with a messed up deck. Turns out some decks have more than … Continue reading

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Lovely evening

Last night we went to Flowers after 5 at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. This awesome garden is minutes from our house and we only go at the holidays. It’s a shame that we corrected last night. We bought a membership … Continue reading

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Getting Caught Up

On Thursday, June 9th a straight-line storm raged through our neighborhood destroying some cars, tossing trees into houses and generally freaking people the heck on out. We were without power for four days. We checked out this crane one afternoon … Continue reading

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