Wrap it up, I’ll take it

We saw a few shows this year and I just asked the better-half what his top three were. He answered: 1) Broken Bells, 2) Rodrigo & Gabriela and 3) Fleetwood Mac.

My top three are: 1) Broken Bells, 2) Fleetwood Mac and 3) David Wax Museum.

Honestly, there were some really good shows and only one that blew (Earth, Wind and Fire). We walked out of that show and it’s hard to know if it was the band, the venue or both. For certain, I won’t go back to that venue.

2014 can go ahead and fade into oblivion as far as I’m concerned. Humans all over the planet were really frightful to each other this year. Dude, how are we supposed to explore the galaxy if we are still fighting amongst ourselves?

This is easily my favorite song of 2014:

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