Knock that Sad Post Off Top Spot

We think Lucy actually noticed that Simon was gone. She was uninterested in food for a couple of days which either means she was in a coma or she missed her friend. Anyway, hoovering status is back to code green.

Today we drove over to Kinko’s/Fed Ex/Whatever to get our passport photos. Our passports will self-destruct in early January. Monday, the better-half will schlep them to the PO and we will be country-bound until the new passports arrive. The point of this is not that we had our passport photos taken, but the entire experience at Kinko’s/Fed Ex/Whatever was pleasant. We were greeted as we entered the store. The person taking our photo was personable. The wait was relatively minimal and they were busy. Kudos to the Kinko’s/Fed Ex/Whatever off of Libbie and Broad.

We’re going to Iceland in April with some friends. Planning and ticket purchasing to begin as soon as the holidays are over. We are excited. People we tell are excited for us. We will see the aurora borealis and sit in a geothermal pool at a spa (which is so not like me but I am LOOKING FORWARD TO IT LIKE CRAZY). There will be other things to do that week in Iceland, but volcanic pools of water are pretty high on the list. It will be weird to pack. I need a new winter coat that needs to collapse down to next to nothing and I have to pack a bathing suit. Such strange demands.

We went to four holiday concerts this month and it would have been five if not for a massive 2-day headache. We saw these folks a couple of days ago and I’m going with the word charming:

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2 Responses to Knock that Sad Post Off Top Spot

  1. miz avery says:

    I do think cats miss their companions–at least that’s been my experience with years of cats. It’s especially hard when one of two is left. I guess that means you need another! ;-)

    Thanks for info on your passport photos, since I need to get photos for one and hadn’t even given Kinko’s/FedEx a thought. Your planned trip sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Frog says:

    We told someone else about the passport photo service they do and she’d never heard of it either. Super easy.

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