Iceland, part three

This is late going up and it almost seems like we never went, but then I remember things.

We visited Blue Lagoon on the Friday of our trip and went all in…silica mud masks, algae masks, drinks in the water, and dinner at Lava. It was super relaxing and completely full of tourists and we didn’t care.

Icelanders have a wicked sense of humor and as much as they love murals, they also love graffiti:

This was off in the distance and we had to find out what was sitting on top of a cupcake shop:

I seriously admired the official signs. Whichever branch of government issues these signs should get a pat on the back. The signs were on point from a design standpoint…do you need to read Icelandic to know what will happen if you stand here? Nope, you don’t.

The weather was miserable. It rained or snowed for the entire week. We may have seen the sun for 2 hours in the week we were there. Don’t get me started on the wind. Would I go back? In a heartbeat.

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