Flying Home

When we originally planned our trip, friends were meant to go with us. Our friends had a death in the family and we scrambled to cancel their plans the night before we left. It’s pretty remarkable how much you can cancel at the last minute.

We sorely missed them on our trip and kept them entertained with photos and videos–lots of we are on a road trip and it is pouring rain. It was spectacular to fly home yesterday in the sun.

Our original plan was to upgrade our seats to a business preferred status. What that actually meant on the way over was no one was assigned the middle seat and we got food and booze for free. On the way home, it basically meant first class without the fancy cutlery. I didn’t mind, at all, that we weren’t behind the first class curtain because we had the big seats:

We flew over much of Greenland this time.


We got home late last night and Lucy was thrilled. She has been like glue. I woke up today around 4:30 and have been laying on the couch. She was with me all night and is now cached out with me:

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