August, really?

It is already August. I’m not sure how that happened. It seems like we’ve hardly had time this summer to do anything.

My work friend is back at work finally after being out for 14 months and it was really good to see him today. I don’t think he’ll actually do any work this week with all the heart-felt best wishes to him. He’s the entire company’s good luck charm and we’re all so glad to have him back.

The better-half and I canned tomatoes yesterday. We decided to just skin the tomatoes and can them. No seasoning, no cooking, just tomatoes in jars. It was still tiring work. I don’t know how women put up enough food to feed their families back in the day. We do it for the gratification of eating fresh vegetables in the middle of winter, but thinking about row upon row of canned produce in cellars of bygone days is mind blowing. We didn’t even grow these tomatoes.

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