Yesterday was the Great American Eclipse. The better-half researched and found a reputable dealer for glasses. We had so many that I ended up taking extra pairs to work. My boss was thrilled that she got her own pair. Several other pairs went wandering around amongst co-workers. I really don’t know where some ended up. But that’s good. We had lots of pin-hole boxes and folks set up recording equipment with the appropriate filters, naturally. It helps to work in a building of nerds.

I didn’t have my cell phone on me–it was transferring video files for a project I’m doing–so I have zero pictures of the big day. For me, the best was looking at all the crescent shadows. I wasn’t expecting that and I was pretty impressed. Also, the moon transiting the sun was pretty cool too.

We watch out for the space station all the time. It was pretty cool seeing this video:

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