Snow in March

It is actively snowing here. I feel like we’re getting more than anticipated, but I didn’t bring my laptop home from work because I’m sure I’ll be headed in tomorrow. We’ve been in a cold spell and it seems like we don’t actually see the sun all that much. I’m not imagining things because our solar panels made 635kw hours in January, 465kw hours in February and only 269kw hours so far in March. Compare that with 2017 data: January-378 (wow, January was worse), February-646 and a total of 875 for March.

We finally managed to get all of the briars we clipped a few weeks ago shipped out with the garbage. I’m sure the sanitation guys will be happy next week when we don’t have a supercan full of blackberry canes. I’m still waiting for some of the scratches to heal. It was wicked.

Speaking of scratches, the Lucy cat has to take a trip to the vet tomorrow. May everyone involved survive.

Snow update: 3/21/18 it snowed and didn’t really stick around. But, holy cow, more snow is called for this weekend.

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