Squeaking in under the wire

This may be short but it counts as an entry for February. It seems impossible to have sunshine on the weekend. What’s up with that, February?

A friend of the better-half stopped by today to show us his new car. He’s been saving and planning for this car for 12 years. It is part of Subaru’s 50th anniversary celebration and only 500 of this model are available this year. It is striking and cool. So much so the Subaru nut from down the street had to pull over and chat about the car. He took pictures to send to a friend.

We went to see Black Panther last week and I hope history remembers how spectacular that movie is. Beautifully shot, well acted, good direction and great dialogue. The story held together too.

We went after the blackberry bramble at the corner of our lot yesterday with such vehemence that I’m sore and we have multiple scratches on our arms and legs. The earlier icy snow did the bramble no favors and now the thicket looks like an odd collection of a couple of evergreens, a sparse forsythia with some spiky sticks jutting out. No berries this year but also no need to constantly trim the mess.

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