Saving the future

Last night we had a terrific burst of thunderstorms. At one point, it seemed like the hail and wind wouldn’t stop. We briefly lost power but then it came back on. Most of the neighborhood was dark. There’s something to be said for being in the section of the neighborhood that has underground power. While it was a pain during the install, it was nights like the last that made us feel lucky.

Around noon today we went outside to clear the debris (had hair cuts this morning so couldn’t start until noon-ish). I found a large nest that fell out of some tree and could see one dead bird. There was something chirping nearby so I delicately flipped the nest over. Lucky the robin survived a very scary night and morning. Both of its siblings did not. As soon as Lucky was exposed, the mama bird began feeding it.

The better-half did a check on the intertubes and we found a solution. We sacrificed one of our plastic storage containers and drilled it into the tree out front. We put the nest in the container and then the better-half lifted Lucky into the nest. The adult robins were NOT happy. But, Lucky is being fed and cared for by the mama bird. Lucky only needs a few more weeks of nesting and then can join its cousins in pooping over everything in the backyard.

Update: We know Lucky survived the night, but we are pretty sure it hasn’t survived the week. Lucky wouldn’t stay in the nest and for a helpless bird that’s not a good thing.

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