Slow Year

It was a slow year for Frog and Goat, but that’s only because the world was dumpster fire and there’s only so much complaining a girl can do. Here’s the usual rundown:

22 shows this year. And, I don’t have one that I can point to and say was a highlight. Even though one show was seeing Hamilton with my niece and another we took both of our nieces to see X-Ambassadors.

As you know, we finally have a screened porch. We’ve been saving our pennies and now it is a reality. We’re really pleased and can’t wait to spend more time out there. Lucy has decided she loves the porch too and with the moderate weather — 70s in late December?? — has spent quite a bit of time outside. All three of us snuggled on the two-seater the other night.

We went to Florida and Duck this year. Otherwise we saved our pennies. I miss going places, but I really like our porch. Adult stuff is sometimes boring.

I haven’t had a real haircut since July. My curly hair is back and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to let it go.

I’m in the camp of we’re ending a decade tonight. May our next decade be better than the way this one ended.

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