Worky, work

Our information security team sends fake emails to us on the regular so we’ll, hopefully, know what phishing looks like and not fall prey to stupid. The other day one phishing effort went around and several people in my department received the fake email. Only one person was slightly tempted to click on it, because in 2010 it was an actual thing that the company did–give Amazon gift cards as an attagirl/attaboy. She actually had one of those emails from 2010(!) and shared it with us. She also said she was cleaning out her mailbox. Now, I don’t feel bad that I just deleted stuff from 2016.

I got promoted last week. I’ve known this was coming since early October but there is so much to do before things like that can happen. SO MANY THINGS. Anyway, now everyone knows about how we’re shaking up the department and who reports to whom. When the news was first announced, one of my employees was so flustered she didn’t stop talking for the full 30 minute meeting I had with her after the announcement. Girl, take a breath.

I think that’s going to be my mantra going forward for the next several months. Take a breath.

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