Christmas Time Was Here

On the whole, our Christmas was very nice. We spent time with what I will call the cool kids on the better-half side of the family. It was a smaller gathering than usual because of COVID and the passage of time. It’s natural that such a large family would splinter and do their own things once grand-kids start having kids. COVID loomed large not just because of the new variant, but because there are some people who are anti-vax. So those nuts were not invited. I am totally fine with the host’s decision on that. The world is full of angsty madness right now and I do not need to be trapped in a house arguing with people who will never hear the voice of science and reason. To be fair, there are old arguments going as well that I give zero fucks about. Let it go, people. Protect your mental health.

We also saw my family for Christmas breakfast and then at our house for dinner. We had a good time all around and I was happy a friend of ours could join us for dinner. She brought mac and cheese and it was pretty darn good. Friends with mac and cheese? Thumbs up all the way.

We celebrated Boxing Day by napping (him) and finishing a book (me). Then we watched the new Matrix movie. We both enjoyed and I reflected on how we watched Wonder Woman last year on Christmas and it wasn’t as much fun as the Matrix movie this year. I guess you can’t have everything all at once? But, you can have popcorn and beer on the couch while watching thousands of bullets barely kill anyone. In the opening segment of the movie, we commented about no one got to be a better shot in the last 20 years of the Matrix universe.

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