Coming into the home stretch

I don’t know what burned out feels like, but I may be close to it. Instead of blaming the never ending pandemic, being back in the office full-time while worrying about area COVID numbers, managing a team that is mostly remote and figuring out how to continue doing the impossible, maybe I should just blame this feeling on not sleeping well for the last week. One night the FitBit just said it couldn’t even calculate a sleep score for me because there was so little sleep. Dang.

I know this will pass because I occasionally go through these periods of little sleep. Of course, it would likely help if it weren’t in the 70s with humidity so high our towels don’t quite dry in the mid-December time period. I think my body and my brain are confused. Climate change is real. Trust science.

We are having a small gathering tonight, only five of us. We’ll be running the air filter and perhaps crack the door to the porch. Four of us have been boosted and I’m not sure about the fifth. It’s been a lot this year for all of us. So it is nice to head into the end of this year by hanging out together.

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