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It’s OK

Last night we walked around the yard and let ourselves into the garden to check the progress of the asparagus. Nothing yet, but I bet there will be by next weekend. We’re finally going to have spring temperatures here. I’m … Continue reading

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More Before and After Pictures

We swapped out the massive dresser/cabinet for a smaller, more human-scale dresser that I refinished. We used this dresser at the apartment and by the time it got back to our house it had been pretty severely scratched on the … Continue reading

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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but our master suite consists of the master bedroom, a bath, two closets and a bonus room (over the garage with steps that go downstairs). When we moved into the house, we … Continue reading

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To the dump

We went to the dump on Saturday and, kids, most of the stuff went into various recycling bins. That was awesome. Now, if someone would just figure out a recycling mechanism for stanky cat litter, I’d be very happy. By … Continue reading

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It’s just too bad that girl’s a bum

We have bamboo place mats that we use on a pretty constant basis. We like the look of them, but have HAD it with how they let condensation through to the table below. I’ve been saying for lo these many … Continue reading

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With silver bells and cockle shells

After my eye doctor appointment this morning, I stopped to buy plants for the garden. I know you probably don’t care about this, but I wanted a least one positive garden entry this season since it’s usually doom and gloom … Continue reading

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suddenly i can see blue skies again

I’m coming up with a list of projects to do in the coming months. One of those is to paint part of the front porch. I have mentioned that there are two different colors of paint (or maybe it’s just … Continue reading

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Early Saturday evening the better-half asked if I wanted to go to Lowe’s to buy a new shower door. Um yeah, let me put on some shoes. We have had a problem with the shower door since we’ve lived in … Continue reading

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All Planted, Weeded and Graveled

I bought a bunch of bulbs from Breck’s this summer and planted most of them a few weeks ago when I undertook weeding a very overgrown bed. The bed is right at the front of our house and it made … Continue reading

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When we lived in our other house we had a laminate counter top straight out of a 70s horror film. It was yellow and had at least one huge crack that ran from edge to wall and then there were … Continue reading

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