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On Thursday night we had dinner and then caught a show in Hopewell, VA. For people of a certain age, Hopewell will always be known for its chemical problem. I can’t say I’ve ever been to Hopewell, but dinner was lovely and the theater was a beautiful older building. The performance was Suzanne Vega and her guitarist. It was intimate and I’m so glad we went.

Friday, I took the day off and the better-half wrapped up early so we could go see Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret. I recently re-read the book for the first time since I was 12 or 13. The movie was pretty faithful to the book and it hit all the right nostalgia points. I smiled through most of it. Then, we went over to Lewis Ginter to see the members-only opening of Incanto. I’m looking forward to seeing the sculptures later this summer when it’s a bit darker and not so drizzly. It was nice walking through the garden with limited people and the plants in the middle season (not quite full on blooming and not dormant either).

The better-half cooked dinner last night and we started with fried oysters with a dipping sauce (we weren’t fans of the batter, but the dipping sauce was excellent). He is going to add some of the flavorings into his usual batter and we’ll see how it goes next time he fries oysters. The rest of the oysters went into oyster stew and, dang, I love that dish.

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Weekend trip

We took Friday off and caught a northbound train to DC. We have wanted to visit the African American history and culture museum for years and booked tickets for Friday afternoon.

What an amazing place. It was packed with visitors but we enjoyed the exhibits. Enjoyed is a weird word because that museum presents how awful the experience has been. So in this sense enjoyed means it’s good to be uncomfortable sometimes especially when seeing the world from a different perspective.

Afterwards we went for a drink or two at Allegory.

We had dinner at Corduroy and it was fantastic.

We laid around in bed reading on Saturday morning because we never get to do that and it was raining pretty hard. We went to Unconventional Diner for brunch and then we scoped out the Wharf area. In spite of the rain we were able to see some of the cherry blossoms across the water.

Then it was off to the Rubbel museum. As soon as we walked in, one of my favorites:

We took the metro out to Arlington and visited the the Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington. It is a small venue but powerful art. We were feeling peaked and since it was a Saturday we took the train to Foggy Bottom, and sat at the bar at Circa. We watched people, the TVs, drank a couple beers and split a mushroom flatbread.

Dinner was at Tortino’s and they surprised us with a happy anniversary dessert. I had forgotten I put that information into my Open Table account. I guess the reservation got flagged. It was surprising and the gelato was delicious.

Breakfast on Sunday was at Baker’s Daughter which was pretty good. Then we got to Union Station via the metro and caught our train home.

The food got high marks this weekend. The low spot was a restaurant in Chinatown that was pretty mediocre. Good hot and sour, but otherwise meh.

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Waffle Hose

We had breakfast at Waffle House for the first time in over a decade. It’s still tasty and I love watching how efficient the team is as they hustle out breakfast. It was also nice to see the regulars in the seats and how they bantered with the staff.

I’m pretty sure the last time we ate at one of the restaurants we were served coffee whitener, but it was half and half today. I’m still unclear what coffee whitener is.

The title of this post is an ode to a former co-worker who talked about a Waffle House in his neck of the woods that always had it’s U unlit.

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Ask Not

Well, we were finally caught by the COVID. We have been on a regular booster regimen, but I guess that science tells us that those make recovery easier and doesn’t prevent forest fires. Because only you can prevent those.

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2022: the year of meh

The better-half and I were talking about this year and neither of us could come up with outstanding highs. Nor were there any very lows. This year just kind of happened. At least it did for us. I know your mileage will vary.

Of note:

  • We went to Easton, Key West, Baltimore and Ocracoke.
  • I went to the cities of DC, Phoenix, Denver and New York.
  • We went to 9 cultural events (musical or dance). We still haven’t been back to a movie theater.
  • We traded in one car and bought another.
  • The downstairs of our house got painted.
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    Holy Jolly, yeah!

    We’re having a few folks around this afternoon to celebrate the holiday season. Our idea for food is finger foods and there’s really no theme, just all the things we think sound good/taste good. We are breaking the rule of never make something for the first time when company is coming. I get it, but come on. If we don’t like it we can all pitch it into the trash can. I’m pretty sure our friends won’t walk right out the door.

    It’s the same thing when someone notices my terrible dusting job. They have two choices; pick up a dust rag or get over it.

    The better-half and I are taking the last week of the year off and, frankly, I should have re-evaluated my life choices and taken the last two weeks off. It’s been a lot this year.

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    Just a typical day

    It’s a rainy day and this is a usual photo opportunity on a day like this. She’s going to be sad tomorrow when we both go back to work. Cat sleeping

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    Baltimore weekend

    We went to Baltimore this weekend with a friend who had never been. We spent most of our time at the Inner Harbor and I think the next time we are in the city we will skip this area. We’ve both been to the aquarium multiple times and, while blasphemous, we don’t need to do it again.

    We took the train and then rode the Charm City Circulator to get to the hotel and most of the rest of our transportation was by foot or ride share.

    For the most part the food was fine and honestly the taco joint on plastic plates was my favorite. That and the Cafe Poupon’s coffee was stellar.

    Let it be said how much I love riding the train. The better-half and I have loose plans to take another trip north and plan on the train.

    Restaurant list:
    Tir Ana Nog
    Cafe Gia
    Cafe Poupon
    Taco Fiesta
    Rusty Scupper

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    New York trip

    A few weeks ago I took the train north to NYC to visit my oldest niece (known on these pages as Nut1). She has been working at an internship all summer and I thought it would be fun to visit. Except for the 4,000 degree temperatures, the trip was a huge success.

    In the few months she’s been away, she’s turned into an adult. She navigated all our subway trips, figured out how to get us to where we wanted to go, picked restaurants and made suggestions on plans.

    While I enjoyed our excursions, what I liked most was hanging out and having wide ranging conversations.

    Some snaps:
    191 St subway

    Hadestown set

    View of mural from High Line

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    In the new column

    For the better-half’s birthday I bought him an Ooni pizza oven. In our first session, we had a crispy critter but we are getting better at cooking at such high temperatures.

    After paying for a rack for our car, in 2015, we finally purchased a tandem kayak. We spent some time on Sunday in the boat and we need practice and we need more comfortable seats. But on the whole, I’m thrilled to be back on the water.

    Taking a break

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