Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

We went to see the Kehinde Wiley exhibit last night which was super amazing. It has been awhile since an entire exhibit has thrilled me. Every single piece was striking.

Then we moved over to see the new Gordon Parks exhibit. I saw this photo:

As you can tell, I cobbled together a photo with the date/title information. That photograph was taken in 1963. It could have been taken a week ago. Why are we still struggling with this?

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Lovely evening

Last night we went to Flowers after 5 at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. This awesome garden is minutes from our house and we only go at the holidays. It’s a shame that we corrected last night.

We bought a membership and then plunked our chairs down in the garden and listened to the Elbe-Musikanten band, drank wine and ate cheese and fruit. I’m not going to lie it was hot and humid, but if you didn’t move it was survivor-able.

They have multiple more shows at the Garden through the summer. I think we’ll be sweating on Thursday nights for the near future.

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Getting Caught Up

On Thursday, June 9th a straight-line storm raged through our neighborhood destroying some cars, tossing trees into houses and generally freaking people the heck on out. We were without power for four days.

We checked out this crane one afternoon picking up trees off of houses:

I spotted the crane in the neighborhood today. It’s still clearing 100 year old trees off houses and out of the streets 15 days later.

We pulled the generator out of the garage where it has sat since we moved in 2013. The better-half had to coax it into life but then it ran our freezer and refrigerator:

It’s so nice not having to worry about water and hot water like we used to do in the boonies. I like being able to flush the toilet without having to ask permission to run the well pump.

We took a quick trip to Washington last night to go to this amazing show:

The trip home started off pleasantly:
jefferson and washington monuments

Then we sat so much on 95S that as soon as we got home, I bought train tickets for the next time we go to DC (in July).

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In April, I worked like a dog to make a 22 minute video about ABO verification in the OR. We’re not talking filming a live event and then editing. We’re talking about making every single moving piece and syncing up 10 voices. It was delivered on May 4th. May 5th I helped to host a town hall webinar and then I started working on an interactive e-learning module.

It is the biggest module I’ve ever single-highhandedly worked on. I had about 3 weeks to finish it. It did give me the opportunity to work from home for 3 whole days in May. That’s never happened to me at my current place of employment–working from home for total heads-down time. That module went to Production today. It’s in a pending status until Tuesday when it goes live. Three weeks is a ridiculous turn around and helps explain why I feel like I have not had one break in forever.

That vacation in early April? Was that an actual thing or did I just dream it?

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Catching up

Turn around for a second and May is gone.

I made Simon have ears:

I went out for drinks with folks from work. This cocktail had gin, mead and scotch…

I worked from home three (3!) times this month. One day the cat melted:

We took the Nieces to an Asian-American thing. And there were crafts:

There were also jaunts around town for Niece #1 to take some snaps:

Niece #2 did my hair:

We hit up the farmer’s market. In addition to pie, we also picked up these from our favorite farm:

And then the cat got into the bag:

For a brief 5 days the sun was out and I actually spent time in the hammock:

I’ll be glad when we switch to a different weather pattern because weeks of rain is the pits. Just saw this and we were all correct–it did rain too damn much:

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Busy Saturday

We started the day in a 5K for Parkinson’s.

Then breakfast, then the herb sale at Maymont and wrapping up with a wait in line at Ardent Craft Ales to buy Texas-style bbq. Perhaps, you will remember we have been known to fly to Texas for a long weekend filled with beef brisket.

The wait in line was not too bad since Ardent is the best RVA brewery and ZZQ is freaking outstanding food. So, a lager/ale hybrid for the better-half and a double IPA for me. This for dinner:

We also managed to haul ourselves to Kroger and catch a nap. Work has been brutal since vacation. Tired physically and brains hurt brutal.

BTW, Miles Ahead is a good movie, especially if you like Miles Davis the way we do.

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Time for a beer

Last night we walked in a 5K. We’ve never done one of those in the evening before, but it did mean margaritas as a follow up. Our friend had completed another 5K in the morning so she was ready for an adult beverage.

Today I cut the grass which, oddly enough, equals another 5K of walking. The better-half and I started on our second set of garden planters:

We just need dirt and plants now.

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Just a dream and the wind to carry me

Sea turtle achievement unlocked:

We went on an island tour and saw one of the windmills on a former sugar plantation. There are only a few windmills remaining from the olden days:

We also went on a sailing vessel. Argh, matey:

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Best sunset, so far

Looking towards St. Thomas, USVI

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