Two Shows

Tuesday night we saw Stevie Wonder in concert. Stevie. Wonder. He stopped playing abruptly at 10pm. For an intermission. We are old and went to our hotel and fell asleep. A younger co-worker was at the same show and left at midnight to drive an hour home. She’s a bigger bad ass than I am, but Stevie is actually a bigger bad ass because he wasn’t quite done. I don’t know exactly when he quit, but it was way after what we expected.

Tonight we went to a Duncan Sheik and Suzanne Vega show. They were pretty stripped down and played some new songs from a theatrical release they are working on based on Carson McCullers. One song in particular hit all the English major notes perfectly. They came together at the end to perform some of their better known songs (Tom’s Diner and Barely Breathing as examples). It was an interesting crowd. The theater is on a college campus but hardly anyone in the audience was anywhere near the age of an undergraduate. Some of the audience members were easily in their 70s or 80s. I know age doesn’t equate to musical tastes, but I think some of the audience members are season ticket holders and so they get an exposure to a lot of music they wouldn’t ordinarily know. Not such a bad thing.

As we were walking to the car, a young couple walked past us. She had on something seriously skimpy and, in my head, I said put some clothes on (it’s November 20th for crying out loud). The young man kept saying “don’t puke”. So, we went from q-tip old ladies to barely dressed drunk 20 year olds. Not at bad thing.

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