Like a fart in a diving bell

We had two Thanksgivings this year. One with my family and one with the better-half’s. When we heard my sister was bringing spinach as an appetizer, we made green bean casserole for my family instead of the 3 cheese spinach au gratin. Because we didn’t want to load folks up with the spinach. Next year, if this happens, my family will be eating spinach twice or whatever my mood is in 364 days. Because let me tell you, we brought home nearly all of the spinach au gratin (basically creamed spinach with ricotta, Parmesan and blue cheese). I actually watched a grown man who purports to love vegetables take a hearty scoop and then eat one tiny bite. The hearty scoop went into the trash can.

THREE CHEESES. SPINACH. Smattering of onions and a wee bit of garlic. HATED.

They are weird, yo.

I’m going to turn the leftovers into a funky little lasagna. And then I’m shoving the whole thing in my mouth and I will be super strong (like Popeye) and I will LOVE it. Because I’m not afraid of spinach with THREE CHEESES.

Full disclosure, we’ve had this recipe for years. We made this dish last weekend for friends and only a tiny bit was leftover–mostly because there were also mashed potatoes.

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