The past little bit at work has been awful. Someone who has been challenging to work with because she rarely completes work on time is finally moving on to something else. That sounds like a good thing, but she’s not leaving those of us who have to pick up the slack much of anything to go on. That disappoints me not for the reason you may think, but because I was really hoping this project was going to be her redemption project with me. It ain’t.

I am working on 5 instructional videos that are due in January. That’s a boat-load of work to get done between now and the end of January. There is a huge gap in time because of the holidays. And, it’s 5 things due in January that entail a bunch of moving parts. Luckily, everyone I’m working with is committed to getting their piece done in time for me to pull everything together into video format. The person leaving is/was responsible for some of the work on two of those videos. I put on my “Seriously, I’m an Instructional Designer, Hear me roar” hat and whammo. One of those videos is nearly done…in a couple of days. Nose meet grindstone. And, bye Felicia to my co-worker.

Yesterday I was so mentally tired that I had to stop working for awhile and listened to this song about 10 times in a row.

Today, I bought the rest of her album. I may need it to get through the next few weeks.

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