Snowy Saturday

It snowed some inches yesterday.

We were shoveling and cleaning off our cars when our next door neighbor stopped, she was walking her dog, to invite us over for drinks and snacks. She said their plans for the evening were ruined due to all the snow so they were having friends and neighbors over.

About an hour later, I was talking to her and her husband pours me a Prosecco like he just guessed my drink. She and I are befuddled and I think that I need to pull the shade down more often if dude knows enough about me to pour me a very acceptable drink. Turns out the better-half had requested the drink moments before but neighbor lady and I had been talking and didn’t notice.

We hung out for a bit and admired their kitchen remodel and then raced out of there to pick up a friend for dinner. The restaurant was open, we had reservations, so why not.

I swear to you I do not know very many people but some days it seems like Richmond is a small town. As we were enjoying dinner, someone our friend and I worked with ages ago walks in. We exchanged pleasantries and he and his friend headed back to the bar area and we went on with our dinner.

A pretty good snow day.

Now about this morning’s temperature (the bottom number is the outside temp):

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