Not missing this month

I’m not missing this month for posting. Ha! There will be at least one post in January. Actually, I already know there will be another one. Is the suspense killing you?

This isn’t exactly January news, but we learned how easy it is to make Shephard’s pie and I swear that dish needs to be on the regular menu around here. So easy and so delicious. It’s great after being frozen too. So, not only good for a couple of dinners, but also a couple of lunches. For the win.

We also made what my family calls Chicken Divan the other night without some of the items called for in the recipe and it still turned out great. I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that casseroles are the solution to days of frigid temperatures. We’re going to make a pizza quiche tonight for dinner and I can hardly wait.

In other news, there’s a new person starting on my team tomorrow and I’m a wee bit excited about it. No lie, on the day she was offered the position, we saw each other at a not-exactly-mainstream show at The National. Through the grapevine, I learned that this sighting of me at the show made her get off the fence and accept our offer. It pays to be weird sometimes.

Teaser for the other post in January. We’re taking a long weekend in the next couple of weeks. There will at least be some photos posted. Some may question why we are going in the dead of winter and my answer is Because.

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