Merry Merry

Of course it was a small Christmas this year. My parents came over for breakfast and we exchanged gifts (The Macallan for her and a large format Guinness and an oil can Fosters for him). My mom brought over a poinsettia. We haven’t had one in years and I’ll worry about keeping Lucy away from it after we take it off the mantle. It is very pretty though amongst the Christmas cards.

We had a family Zoom mid-morning and then my parents went home. We watched Wonder Woman 1984. We were less than impressed and a little disappointed. The first movie was so good. This one got lost midway through. Kind of like 2020.

We were at my parents for Christmas dinner and it was a very pleasant evening. We did some reminiscing and talked about current events. Even though my dad is in some stage of dementia, he held his own during the conversation. I have to tell you that as awful as 2020 has been, it has been nice to hang out with my parents all year. Whatever insanity my father had been carrying around for over decade is gone and now he is happy to spend time with us.

I took off a couple of days before Christmas and all of this week. It’s nice to not have to sit in our guest bedroom all day staring at a computer screen. This may be my last post of the year since I’ve been so bad about updating the site. In a complete departure from the rest of the end-of-year posts, I don’t have a list of concerts/shows or even a favorite. There was one show this year and our neighborhood hosted a Porchella in October. If you don’t click the link, it was a live music walk. The weather was amazing that day, the music was wonderful and the joy was real.

Merry Christmas and happy 2021. It’s going to be better.

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