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Baltimore weekend

We went to Baltimore this weekend with a friend who had never been. We spent most of our time at the Inner Harbor and I think the next time we are in the city we will skip this area. We’ve … Continue reading

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New York trip

A few weeks ago I took the train north to NYC to visit my oldest niece (known on these pages as Nut1). She has been working at an internship all summer and I thought it would be fun to visit. … Continue reading

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In the new column

For the better-half’s birthday I bought him an Ooni pizza oven. In our first session, we had a crispy critter but we are getting better at cooking at such high temperatures. After paying for a rack for our car, in … Continue reading

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So we’re back to masking at work and I am unclear what I’m going to do mask-wise when I fly to Denver in July, but outdoor concerts are back! We saw David Wax Museum, Guster and The Wood Brothers last … Continue reading

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Don’t believe the hype

We live down the street from what used to be an old folk’s home (assisted living, independent, nursing care) and last year the business was sold. The new owners are turning it into a 55+ community so only independent living. … Continue reading

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Relaxing, we are

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You blink and it is gone

April just flew past. We went to Easton, MD in the early part of the month. I went to Phoenix in the middle of the month and we are about to head to FL in a few days. This is … Continue reading

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Marching right outta here

Man, March has been windy as hell and today there were tornado warnings all over the area. I ended up sitting in a stairwell at work for what seemed like forever but was probably more like 45 minutes. The better-half … Continue reading

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Line in the Sand

I never considered that I needed to say this. But, to be clear, who knew there were so many idiots in the world. I am A-fucking-OK with trans people. I am A-OK with people who have a different sexual orientation … Continue reading

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Over the Moon

Five or six years ago, I came across some wallpaper I really liked and I don’t like wallpaper. Our first house had late 1960s/early 1970s wallpaper that we had to take down. It was horrible. I don’t like wallpaper. We … Continue reading

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