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Weekend trip

We took Friday off and caught a northbound train to DC. We have wanted to visit the African American history and culture museum for years and booked tickets for Friday afternoon. What an amazing place. It was packed with visitors … Continue reading

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Waffle Hose

We had breakfast at Waffle House for the first time in over a decade. It’s still tasty and I love watching how efficient the team is as they hustle out breakfast. It was also nice to see the regulars in … Continue reading

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Ask Not

Well, we were finally caught by the COVID. We have been on a regular booster regimen, but I guess that science tells us that those make recovery easier and doesn’t prevent forest fires. Because only you can prevent those.

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2022: the year of meh

The better-half and I were talking about this year and neither of us could come up with outstanding highs. Nor were there any very lows. This year just kind of happened. At least it did for us. I know your … Continue reading

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Holy Jolly, yeah!

We’re having a few folks around this afternoon to celebrate the holiday season. Our idea for food is finger foods and there’s really no theme, just all the things we think sound good/taste good. We are breaking the rule of … Continue reading

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Just a typical day

It’s a rainy day and this is a usual photo opportunity on a day like this. She’s going to be sad tomorrow when we both go back to work.

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Baltimore weekend

We went to Baltimore this weekend with a friend who had never been. We spent most of our time at the Inner Harbor and I think the next time we are in the city we will skip this area. We’ve … Continue reading

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New York trip

A few weeks ago I took the train north to NYC to visit my oldest niece (known on these pages as Nut1). She has been working at an internship all summer and I thought it would be fun to visit. … Continue reading

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In the new column

For the better-half’s birthday I bought him an Ooni pizza oven. In our first session, we had a crispy critter but we are getting better at cooking at such high temperatures. After paying for a rack for our car, in … Continue reading

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So we’re back to masking at work and I am unclear what I’m going to do mask-wise when I fly to Denver in July, but outdoor concerts are back! We saw David Wax Museum, Guster and The Wood Brothers last … Continue reading

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