Worky, work

Our information security team sends fake emails to us on the regular so we’ll, hopefully, know what phishing looks like and not fall prey to stupid. The other day one phishing effort went around and several people in my department received the fake email. Only one person was slightly tempted to click on it, because in 2010 it was an actual thing that the company did–give Amazon gift cards as an attagirl/attaboy. She actually had one of those emails from 2010(!) and shared it with us. She also said she was cleaning out her mailbox. Now, I don’t feel bad that I just deleted stuff from 2016.

I got promoted last week. I’ve known this was coming since early October but there is so much to do before things like that can happen. SO MANY THINGS. Anyway, now everyone knows about how we’re shaking up the department and who reports to whom. When the news was first announced, one of my employees was so flustered she didn’t stop talking for the full 30 minute meeting I had with her after the announcement. Girl, take a breath.

I think that’s going to be my mantra going forward for the next several months. Take a breath.

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Slow Year

It was a slow year for Frog and Goat, but that’s only because the world was dumpster fire and there’s only so much complaining a girl can do. Here’s the usual rundown:

22 shows this year. And, I don’t have one that I can point to and say was a highlight. Even though one show was seeing Hamilton with my niece and another we took both of our nieces to see X-Ambassadors.

As you know, we finally have a screened porch. We’ve been saving our pennies and now it is a reality. We’re really pleased and can’t wait to spend more time out there. Lucy has decided she loves the porch too and with the moderate weather — 70s in late December?? — has spent quite a bit of time outside. All three of us snuggled on the two-seater the other night.

We went to Florida and Duck this year. Otherwise we saved our pennies. I miss going places, but I really like our porch. Adult stuff is sometimes boring.

I haven’t had a real haircut since July. My curly hair is back and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to let it go.

I’m in the camp of we’re ending a decade tonight. May our next decade be better than the way this one ended.

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The Porch

We officially have a porch. The final inspection happened this week. I’m sure there is still some billing we’ll get, but we are officially done. The contractor said he could deliver before the end of the year and he did.

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A Porch

One thing we’ve really missed since living in this house is a screened porch. We decided to save for one and, most importantly, to pay someone else to build it. Our permit should be released by the city this week and then the contractor can start ordering lumber, dumpster and whatever else.

Since yesterday was a beautiful day, we decided to rip the little deck off the house. This wasn’t about the cost so much as I love demolition. We took our time yesterday because the contractor wants to reuse a couple of things from the little deck to match the porch with our existing deck. We decided that we’ll rip the floor boards off the existing deck and replace those while the porch is being built. That way we can throw the old lumber into the dumpster. That project is for another day.

Click to view the before and after:

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Chilling weekend

We have spent most of today outside and that is pretty special considering how Richmond summers don’t really have many nice days. This summer has been the exception. Today we smoked a butt. It has been ages since we smoked anything.

Here are some photos from the unofficial end of summer:

Neat lights:

Lewis Ginter the other night:

I forget what this is called but it is the coolest plant we have in our pots:

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The Duckology

We are in Duck for a short visit. The weather is great and the water is cold (71 degrees).

After a long morning walk, we drank some delicious coffee on our balcony.
Coffee and ocean

After breakfast, we spent several hours on the beach. It isn’t full of people so that’s nice.


The lure of a drink called us over the dunes and now we’ll hang out until dinner. Not a bad day.

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Saving the future

Last night we had a terrific burst of thunderstorms. At one point, it seemed like the hail and wind wouldn’t stop. We briefly lost power but then it came back on. Most of the neighborhood was dark. There’s something to be said for being in the section of the neighborhood that has underground power. While it was a pain during the install, it was nights like the last that made us feel lucky.

Around noon today we went outside to clear the debris (had hair cuts this morning so couldn’t start until noon-ish). I found a large nest that fell out of some tree and could see one dead bird. There was something chirping nearby so I delicately flipped the nest over. Lucky the robin survived a very scary night and morning. Both of its siblings did not. As soon as Lucky was exposed, the mama bird began feeding it.

The better-half did a check on the intertubes and we found a solution. We sacrificed one of our plastic storage containers and drilled it into the tree out front. We put the nest in the container and then the better-half lifted Lucky into the nest. The adult robins were NOT happy. But, Lucky is being fed and cared for by the mama bird. Lucky only needs a few more weeks of nesting and then can join its cousins in pooping over everything in the backyard.

Update: We know Lucky survived the night, but we are pretty sure it hasn’t survived the week. Lucky wouldn’t stay in the nest and for a helpless bird that’s not a good thing.

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Aint that some sh*t?

I took the day off and trimmed bushes, cut the grass in the front yard and washed my car for the first time in more than six months. It was still vaguely white, but not really. The better-half and I went out for lunch (SUSHI!!!) and when we came home there was a massive track of splashy bird shit all along the passenger side window and door. It had been less than 2 hours.

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Quick trip south

We went to see my sister and her husband last weekend for a long weekend. I think our weekend was dominated by good food and good company.

They humored us by taking us to the beach so we could put our feet in some sand and surf.

On Sunday we took a walk at Savannas Park and sweated our butts off. It was Florida hot, y’all. We saw these fierce creatures at a wetlands overlook:

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What problem are you trying to solve?

Our house is 87 years old. The front sidewalk looks that old, but we have no idea if it is original. From the city sidewalk, you take some steps and then walk up to our house.

Since we’ve lived here the landing of those steps has been a mess. The concrete was damaged long ago and weeds grow very well in the cracks.

The other weekend the better-half broke up the remaining chunks and we discovered the concrete was very thin. No wonder it failed.

Thirty bucks later we have a new landing.

Before with the concrete removed:


Problem solved.

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